As the public weighs in, Keir Starmer takes a beating: ‘Doesn’t appear to be a PM in the works!’


As the public weighs in, Keir Starmer takes a beating: ‘Doesn’t appear to be a PM in the works!’

According to the public, KEIR STARMER “does not appear like the Prime Minister in Waiting,” in a devastating blow to the Opposition leader as Labour’s popularity continues to plummet.

A top advisor also told him that millions of Britons still don’t know what he or Labour stand for. According to Deborah Mattinson, this will almost certainly result in a near-impossible victory in the 2024 general election unless he can find a method to entice back those who fled to the Conservative Party in 2019. Days before the summer holiday, the former pollster, who was named Director of Strategy in a shuffling of Sir Keir’s inner circle, briefed him, shadow ministers, and MPs on devastating internal polling and focus group findings.

It comes as the party, in its current position, appears to be on course to lose to the Conservatives for the fifth time in a row, putting it in power for the first time in 14 years.

Ms Mattinson’s warning appears to be in line with a recent YouGov poll, which revealed that more than half of the public do not believe Sir Keir is currently capable of leading the country.

When asked if he looks like a “Prime Minister in Waiting,” Britons emphatically stated that he does not.

Sir Keir does not appear to be a PM in the making, according to 61% of those polled, and only 18% believe he is qualified for the job.

Twenty-one percent of respondents were undecided.

It will be a setback for him as he tries to establish himself across the country.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Sir Keir has remained mostly unknown to the general public until now.

He just sat down with voters in Blackpool for one of the first events of its sort last month.


Despite this, at least one person in the room claimed not to know who Sir Keir was, and many others were confused of what he stood for.

Most polls currently show the Conservatives leading Labour by a country mile.

According to YouGov, 44 percent of Britons would vote Conservative in a general election tomorrow.

On the ballot paper, only 31% would put a cross next to Labour.

Senior Labour Party figures told the Observer that the party needed to embrace a clearer, sharper, and more upbeat message strategy. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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