As the monarch ‘paves the way’ for Camilla’s new title, the Queen gives her her royal seal of approval.


The monarch ‘paves the way’ for Camilla’s new title by giving her royal approval.

According to a royal expert, the Queen has “paved the way” for Camilla to succeed Prince Charles as Queen Consort when he becomes King.

In recognition of her contributions to the monarchy, the monarch made the Duchess of Cornwall a Royal Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter.

With the honour, the Queen is giving her “seal of approval” to Charles’ wife, according to Camilla’s biographer Penny Junor.

Ms Junor went on to say that the move “paves the way” for Camilla to become Queen Consort when the Prince of Wales ascends to the throne.

“I believe it’s a very good indication,” the royal author said to this website.

“I believe the Queen is saying that she approves of Camilla, that she thinks she’s doing a fantastic job, and that she’s a valuable asset to the Royal Family and to Prince Charles.”

“I believe it will be her stamp of approval that opens the door.”

“I believe it was sufficient.”

“I believe that was all that was required.”

If people thought she was against Camilla becoming Queen, it would have been very difficult.”

When Charles ascends to the throne, Clarence House has insisted Camilla will be referred to as Princess Consort.

The announcement was made during the couple’s wedding, which took place in the aftermath of Charles’s divorce from Princess Diana and her death.

Camilla’s elevation to the country’s most prestigious order of chivalry, on the other hand, has fueled speculation that she will become Queen Consort.

In 2005, the Duchess married the Prince of Wales.

She has publicly supported the Queen since then, through her own public works and engagements.

Camilla is a patron or supporter of a number of literacy charities, as well as a spokesperson for victims of domestic violence and a supporter of a number of animal welfare organizations.

The Queen, acting independently of Number 10, appoints Royal Knights and Ladies of the Order of the Garter to honor those who have served the sovereign personally.

Ms Junor, author of The Duchess: The Untold Story, previously stated that Charles is “very proud” of Camilla and that when he becomes King, he will want her to be Queen Consort.

“My guess is yes,” the royal author said in May when asked if Charles would like Camilla to be Queen Consort when the time comes.

“That Clarence House, I’m familiar with.”

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