As the migrant crisis worsens, the EU delivers a warning to Belarus, threatening hefty sanctions.


As the migrant crisis worsens, the EU delivers a warning to Belarus, threatening hefty sanctions.

THE EUROPEAN UNION is preparing to inflict severe sanctions on Beleraus as the migration situation worsens.

This comes as Belarusian officials have been accused of “destabilizing” the EU by sending thousands of refugees to the Polish border. EU diplomats told the Financial Times that they were considering slapping penalties on Belarusian authorities, a Syrian airline, and a Minsk hotel as part of an effort to compel Belarusian tyrant Alexander Lukashenko to stop the migrant influx.

“When enforced, these measures will have a tangible impact on the current situation,” a senior EU official said of the sanctions.

“We’re still reaching out to nations of origin and transit. Other connections will be made in the coming days.” Organizations or persons implicated in assisting the flow of migrants from Syria, Yemen, and Iraq to the Belarus-EU border will face sanctions.

Syrian airline Cham Wings, which flies to Belarus, and Hotel Minsk, which accommodates migrants in the nation, are on the list thus far. More than two dozen Belarusian officials are said to be on the list, which might extend to Minsk airport.

On Monday, EU officials will meet in Brussels to debate the penalties’ breadth and legal foundation.

Officials have cautioned, however, that finalizing the package might take weeks because it will require collaboration between the UK, Canada, and the US.

Mr Lukashenko promised retaliation earlier this week if the EU increased sanctions against the country, implying that gas supplies could be shut off.

Mr Lukashenko stated in talks to officials released by the presidency: “We must reply if they put new sanctions on us.

“We’re warming Europe, and they’re posing a threat to us.”

“You may go choke on your sanctions… You are American lapdogs!” the Belarusian leader added later in a press conference.

About 40% of the EU’s gas is supplied by Russia, with about a fifth passing through Belarus.

While the Kremlin claims that Russia is a trustworthy gas provider and that Mr Lukashenko made the threats without consulting Moscow, Russia has shown its support for Belarus.

Mr Putin had flown two nuclear bombers over Belarusian airspace just two days previously, according to the Russian defense ministry. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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