As the London bridge is closed, enraged motorists push Insulate Britain campaigners out of the way.


As the London bridge is closed, enraged motorists push Insulate Britain campaigners out of the way.

As the demonstrators obstructed commuters on Wandsworth Bridge, enraged motorists yanked Insulate Britain activists out of the path, telling them to “just drive through them.”

Furious motorists were seen hauling Insulate Britain campaigners out of the way as they squatted on the road obstructing cars from passing, according to footage shared on Talk Radio. After routes at Hanger Lane, Wandsworth Bridge, and Arnos Grove were closed, the Met Police claimed 38 people have been arrested in connection with the Insulate Britain protests so far on Monday.

In the video, motorists can be heard shouting, with one person stating, “Just go through them, man.”

“Get out of the way!” says the narrator.

Get off the f****ing highway!

“Go, go, go!” exclaims the narrator.

On Monday, a group of activists sat down and attached themselves to the northbound A102.

During rush hour, this resulted in long lines.

Around 50 people were part in the demonstrations, which also impacted Wandsworth Bridge in southwest London, according to Insulate Britain.

It’s the group’s 11th protest, and it’s requesting that the government insulate 29 million homes by 2030.

On Friday, the government got a new order prohibiting the group from disrupting traffic and access to highways.

Police will be given the authority to halt campaigners and search them for “lock-on” devices that prevent them from being relocated.

“The right to demonstrate is a vital principle of our democracy,” Ms Patel previously stated, “but we will not allow guerrilla methods that hinder people going about their daily lives.”

“While the Labour Party supports these so-called ‘activists,’ the Conservative Party will always support the law-abiding, hard-working majority of the country.”

The Metropolitan Police Department announced that 38 persons had been arrested on suspicion of obstructing the traffic.

A sobbing woman was seen pleading with Insulate Britain demonstrators obstructing the Blackwall Tunnel in another footage aired on LBC news.

“She’s in the ambulance, she’s heading to Canterbury Hospital, do you think I’m stupid?” she asked.

Please let me pass because I need to go to the hospital. This isn’t acceptable… how can you be that self-centered?” It’s unclear whether the activists with whom she spoke allowed her to pass.


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