As the ITV show blasted ‘Do they have to do that?’, viewers of The Chase ‘switch off.’


As the ITV show blasted ‘Do they have to do that?’, viewers of The Chase ‘switch off.’

ITV aired a repeat celebrity episode of THE CHASE on Monday afternoon, causing outrage among fans.

Throughout the summer, ITV aired a number of repeat episodes of The Chase, but the show will shortly return with new episodes. The channel aired an old celebrity special of the quiz show on Monday afternoon, but viewers were unimpressed. A number of viewers turned to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the repetition, alleging that as a result, they were switching networks.

The Chase presenter brought four famous contestants into the show in the legendary episode in the hopes of winning a cash prize for charity.

Famous faces including Mike Bushell, Annabel Croft, Rhea Bailey, and Rylan Clark-Neal battled Chaser Jenny Ryan.

However, as soon as the program started, people pointed out that it was a duplicate and protested on Twitter.

“This is from 2017 ffs!!,” one Chase fan said. Is this why many are canceling their television licenses and watching Netflix instead? #TheChase.”

“Do they have to keep showing repeats!” grumbled another. #TheChase.”

A third user commented, “I’ve seen this one at least twice #thechase.”

A number of quiz show viewers have stated that they will be tuning out of the popular show.

“Might have to switch over for couples to come dinner with me #thechase,” one person said.

“It’s a ‘celebrity’ special, I just noticed. “Bye bye, everyone #thechase,” added a second.

“So another repeat then?” wrote another. I’m not going to watch #TheChase now that I’ve seen Rylan.”

Throughout the show, the players fought valiantly, with Mike securing £7,000 for the team’s prize fund.

In her cash builder round, Annabel earned £3,000 and successfully returned it to the team.

Rhea also demonstrated her quizzing skills by bringing £6,000 back to the table.

Rylan was the final celebrity to face the Chaser, and after winning £7,000 in his cash builder, he bravely attempted to win the greater prize.

He was, however, caught by the Vixen and was eliminated from the competition.

In the final chase, the team was competing for a total of £16,000, however due to a player shortage, they were unable to outpace the Chaser and were easily defeated by Jenny.

The popular ITV quiz show, which debuted in 2009, is now in its fourteenth season.

The Chase has a reputation for having. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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