As the French presidential candidate lays out his migration plans, Zemmour is expected to meet with Tory MPs.


As the French presidential candidate lays out migration plans, Zemmour is expected to meet Tory MPs.

As the election campaign heats up, French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour may meet with Conservative MPs to lay out a beneficial Channel immigration plan to gain international support, according to a French politics professor.

Dr David Lees, an expert on far-right politics and an associate professor of French studies at Warwick University, spoke to This website about Eric Zemmour’s political campaign and what it could mean for Franco-UK relations.

Mr Zemmour, according to the French political scientist, may meet with Tory MPs ahead of the April election to discuss immigration plans in order to put himself in a better position.

Dr. Lees went on to say that he thought Mr Zemmour was a “two-trick pony” who would say anything to win an election.

Dr Lees was asked by This website what Mr Zemmour’s moves might be in the run-up to the April election.

“Zemmour has a lot in common with Boris Johnson in that he’ll say anything to get elected,” Dr. Lees said.

“I believe Zemmour would make any promise to the French electorate if it meant he could be elected.”

“Now, what I believe Zemmour would do, and what I believe he may well do before the first round of the presidential election, is actually sit down with people who are politicians in the United Kingdom…

“Especially in the Conservative Party, and try to think about whether there’s a way to come to an agreement on immigration.”

“Working together on this issue is clearly in both countries’ interests.”

Mr. Zemmour traveled to the United Kingdom in November in the hopes of securing funding for his campaign as well as allies on the other side of the Atlantic.

Despite holding several meet-and-greets, the candidate did not meet with any British politician on the record.

Dr. Lees added that he thought Mr. Zemmour might “take a leaf” from the UK government’s proposals for processing asylum seekers in other countries.

Mr Zemmour, according to the academic, would also renegotiate any treaty that would put France at a disadvantage because he wants to limit migration into France.

Mr Zemmour’s main opponent, Marine Le Pen of the National Rally, may also benefit from the outsider.

When compared to Mr Zemmour’s “thuggery,” Dr Lees believes Ms Le Pen’s past of “thuggery” may be overlooked and viewed as more moderate.

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