As the fight over Taiwan escalates, China tells the EU to back down, citing a “severe infringement” by Xi.


As the fight over Taiwan escalates, China tells the EU to back down, citing a “severe infringement” by Xi.

CHINA has reacted angrily to the European Parliament’s decision to move on with plans to enhance ties with Taiwan.

The European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee approved a report on Wednesday to begin negotiations on a bilateral investment agreement with Taiwan.

An amendment also proposes that the EU’s trade office in Taipei be renamed the “European Union Office in Taiwan.”

China has reacted angrily to comments that suggest Taiwan is an independent country.

Beijing officials have since urged the EU to follow the “one-China” policy, claiming that the plan would jeopardize the diplomatic agreement.

The “one-China” policy, which dates back to 1979, recognizes Beijing’s communist administration as China’s sole legal government.

President Xi Jinping continues to regard Taiwan as a Chinese province rather than a separate country.

“China urges various bodies and members of the European Parliament to adhere to the one-China principle while dealing with Taiwan-related issues,” the state-run agency China Xinhua News tweeted in response to the new report in the EU Parliament.

The Chinese Mission to the European Union alleged in a statement that the move was a severe violation of the “one-China” concept.

“These actions go much beyond routine nonofficial commercial and trade cooperation and cultural contacts between the EU, its member states, and Taiwan, and constitute major violations of the one-China principle, undermining mutual trust and cooperation between China and the EU,” it stated.

Beijing allegedly tried to prevent the Taiwan report from being published, according to German Greens MEP Reinhard Bütikofer.

The Chinese envoy, he claimed, urged European President David Sassoli.

“The Chinese ambassador to the EU had intervened with EP President #Sassoli before, seeking in vain to stop the adoption,” Mr Bütikofer tweeted.

According to Swedish MEP Charlie Weimers, the EU-Taiwan report demonstrates that the bloc is willing to “upgrade its relationship” with Taiwan.

“The first European Parliament report on EU-Taiwan ties provides a clear signal that the EU is willing to upgrade its cooperation with our critical ally Taiwan,” he said.

“Now is the time for the Commission to step up its efforts to strengthen EU-Taiwan relations and seek a complete enhanced relationship with Taiwan.

“Work on an impact assessment, public consultation, and scoping exercise for a Bilateral Investment Agreement with the Taiwanese authorities, in preparation for discussions to enhance our economic links, must start by the end of this year.”

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