As the Duke hides from claims of abuse, Prince Andrew is said to be living in the “dark ages.”


As the Duke hides from claims of abuse, Prince Andrew is said to be living in the “dark ages.”

PRINCE According to a royal specialist, Andrew’s “total inability” to exhibit empathy for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims reveals the Duke’s lack of comprehension of the last 10 years’ “revolution in thinking.”

A royal pundit has accused Prince Andrew of “living in the Dark Ages,” claiming that the Duke is “uncaring” in refusing to “completely cooperate” with law authorities and offer his evidence. Virginia Giuffre, a former victim of Jeffrey Epstein, has filed a civil complaint against the Prince, alleging that he sexually abused her three times. All charges have been consistently refuted by Prince Andrew.

“It’s absolutely extraordinary the extent of that man’s hubris,” royal historian Dr Tessa Dunlop told Mail+’s Palace Confidential.

“That horrible car crash Newsnight interview, his absolute failure to express any empathy for the victims, is one of the key media criticisms of his prosecution.

“Remember, it was all about his agony and the injuries he received, and by saying you’re happy when these women are currently undergoing a trial that is bringing things to court, you’re resurrecting their genuine pain.

“It simply appears so heartless, he doesn’t understand it – how can he have two girls and not get it?” says the narrator. Allow the penny to fall.

“It’s remarkable because he was born in an era when women who complain about inappropriate behavior were shunned and dismissed, but there has been such a shift in thinking and behavior in the last ten years that he seems to be stuck in the Middle Ages.”

“Don’t you get it, this is pretty serious,” she continued.

“They just make for the most heinous headlines and the most heinous stories.

“The longer he doesn’t do what he said he’d do, which is fully collaborate, the drips are turning into large puddles, and it’s causing a major problem for the Royal Family.”

Representatives for Prince Andrew have declined to comment.

On August 10, Virginia Giuffre filed a civil case under New York’s Child Victims Act.

She alleges Prince Andrew sexually abused her at Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell’s home in London, as well as Epstein’s properties in Manhattan and Little St James in the US Virgin Islands.

Ms Giuffre claims that despite knowing her age, Prince Andrew engaged in sexual activities with her and that she was a “victim of sex-trafficking.”

Ms Giuffre was 17 years old at the time. The legal age of consent in the United States Virgin Islands. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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