As the continent is besieged by catastrophic wildfires in the south, ‘tornadoes’ are expected to wreak havoc in northern Europe.


As the continent is besieged by catastrophic wildfires in the south, ‘tornadoes’ are expected to wreak havoc in northern Europe.

TORNADOES are expected to hit portions of northern Europe on Monday, as the continent deals with two catastrophic weather fronts that are wreaking havoc on the continent.

Tomasz Schafernaker, a BBC News presenter, explained how excessive temperatures of over 41 degrees Celsius in southern Europe, such as Greece, Turkey, and the Balkan region, has resulted in devastating wildfires. However, in Central and Eastern Europe, the harsh weather is combined with significantly lower temperatures, resulting in numerous storms in places like Germany and Poland. As a result, as the continent endures a period of intense weather, the BBC weather presenter warned that tornadoes could be on the way.

“On the satellite picture spanning the Alpine region stretching into Germany, Austria, and Poland, there is some fairly bad weather,” he said.

“We will see a path of bad weather rolling through through Sunday night, with huge hail and strong winds possible.”

But, in a surprising turn of events, he warned that “tornadoes in some locations” in Central Europe could occur.

“However, by Monday, that storm system should split up into smaller regions of showery weather,” the weathercaster added.

Mr. Schafernaker went on to warn Europeans about the effects of the scorching temperatures in Southern Europe.

“The heat is on across the south east and the Balkans,” he remarked.

“We have fires blazing in portions of Turkey, where temperatures are considerably above 40 degrees Celsius in a lot of places.

“Compare the heat in the south with the fresher, milder temperatures found over much of northern and western Europe.”

The presenter highlighted how storms in Central Europe are being “spoken off” by two drastically different weather fronts.

These storms will bring “unstable and chilly conditions” to western Europe, which will be felt in the United Kingdom.

Highs of 41°C in Athens, 36°C in Bucharest, 31°C in Madrid, and 29°C in Rome are expected for Tuesday. In Lisbon, it’s 27°C, and in Gibraltar, it’s 26°C.

Madrid will remain sunny into late next week, with temperatures in the early to mid-thirties.

While London will remain cloudy for the rest of the week, with rain showers expected on Thursday and Friday.

As the UK begins the first week of August, temperatures in London will be below average for this time of year, following a period of heavy rain, flash flooding, and other natural disasters. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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