As the Cambridges cancel their Christmas concert, the Queen will snub the ‘enormously shortsighted’ BBC.


As the Cambridges cancel their Christmas concert, the Queen will snub the ‘enormously shortsighted’ BBC.

A pundit stated that the Queen could veto plans for future partnerships with the BBC because of the broadcaster’s “enormously myopic” program about Prince William and Prince Harry.

The Royal Family may reject the BBC for future projects as a result of the BBC documentary The Princes and the Press, according to an expert. Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, and Kensington Palace issued an unified statement condemning the documentary’s “overblown and baseless assertions” about Prince William and Prince Harry’s strained relationship with the press.

“It is immensely shortsighted of the BBC, who is a public broadcaster in Britain, and we know that people like Kate have worked with the BBC on projects in the past, and they weren’t permitted to view it,” Angela Mollard told The Morning Show.

“The fact that it has come out with such an outspoken statement, using terminology like “overblown and baseless assertions,” and making that very particular point about the BBC, is disappointing.”

“A free, responsible, and open press is of critical importance to a healthy democracy,” according to a statement made to the BBC and included at the end of the first episode of two.

“However, inflated and baseless statements from anonymous sources are frequently presented as facts, and it’s disappointing when anyone, including the BBC, lends them credence.”

According to the Sun on Wednesday, insiders claimed The Christmas carol concert given by Kate, Duchess of Cambridge at Westminster Abbey will be shown on ITV rather than the BBC.

NHS Charities will be represented at the performance, which finances mental health support for young people as well as staff counseling.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are said to be dissatisfied with the documentary because it contains misleading assertions.

The Duke, however, was unable to see the film since he was attending the Tusk Awards on London’s South Bank on Monday night.

“This is a big coup for ITV,” the source added. It’s a brand-new format for the royals, who have never before hosted a televised television concert. It’s even more significant that the Duchess is leading the charge.

“As the national broadcaster, the BBC receives the vast majority of royal programs.” It appears like they will collaborate with ITV more in the future.

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “ITV was shocked yet happy to get the late call.”


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