As she is ‘pushed into a corner,’ the Queen may be compelled to act on Meghan Markle’s title.


As a result of being ‘pushed into a corner,’ the Queen may be forced to act on Meghan Markle’s title.

According to one commentator, the Queen may be “forced to act” over Meghan Markle’s royal title.

Meghan has been accused of abusing her royal title by calling US senators and introducing herself as the Duchess of Sussex.

The Queen could be “forced to act,” according to royal commentator Daniela Elser, because her “absolute first priority is protecting the sanctity of the crown.”

Ms Elser, writing for, said Prince Harry’s wife’s “ever more obvious political ambitions” were a “burgeoning problem” for the royals.

Ms. Elser pointed out that members of the Royal Family have traditionally avoided politics.

“And that’s the sticking point here,” the royal commentator continued, “Meghan Markle can be as vocal and impassioned as she wants, and all the more kudos to her for doing so; however, the Duchess of Sussex is meant to remain stum.”

Meghan’s recent phone calls, according to Ms Elser, are “far from an isolated incident,” and “all signs point to the Duchess setting her sights on Washington.”

“Given that the chances of the mother-of-two abandoning her ambitions on this front seem about as likely as her buying a crate of MAGA hats or giving up the power of oat milk, this puts the Queen in one hell of a bind when it comes to their titles,” she continued.

“The question becomes whether Her Majesty will be forced to act in regards to their Sussex titles, which were, of course, a wedding gift, if the Sussexes, either or both of them, continue to push their various political agendas.”

Ms Elser questioned why Meghan continues to use her title during calls to US senators, despite the fact that “she must know it like a red rag to a bull.”

“Why is she taking the risk of pushing the Queen even further into a corner by constantly deploying her title for political outings?” the royal commentator continued.

“How long before Her Majesty is forced to act if things continue on this path?”

Meghan called Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine and West Virginia’s Shelley Moore Capito last week to urge them to support paid parental leave.

According to The Sunday Times, a palace aide said the Duchess was “using her title out of context” with the intervention, while another called it “outrageous.”

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