As refugees are detained at the border, Le Pen’s French “national pride” will prevent Channel crossings.


As refugees are detained at the border, Le Pen’s French “national pride” will prevent Channel crossings.

Marine Le Pen, the French presidential candidate, will be able to minimize the number of migrants who travel to the United Kingdom by cracking down on refugees entering France in the first place, stopping them from reaching the country’s northern beaches.

Dr. Chris Parry, a former rear admiral and managing director of Merl House Consultants, spoke to This website and predicted that while National Rally leader Marine Le Pen seeks allies, she may be able to halt Channel crossings to the UK through domestic policy. Dr. Parry added that the eurosceptic leader has long turned to the United Kingdom “as an example” and that she will “consolidate” French national pride to her benefit, adding that Ms Le Pen admires the United Kingdom’s nationalism. However, the former Navy commander warned that Ms Le Pen’s internal policy of barring refugees from entering the country would have a knock-on impact on migrants crossing into the UK, since fewer would be able to reach the country’s northern beaches.

Ms. Le Pen is the leader of the French National Rally, a eurosceptic, anti-immigration group with ties to the far-right in the past.

Ms Le Pen, though, has moved to separate herself from the far-right members of her party since her defeat in 2017, and has toned down extremist rhetoric.

According to political experts, Ms Le Pen’s popularity for her presidential election campaign in 2022 may increase as a result of the looming Afghan refugee crisis that is poised to grip Europe.

According to Politico, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will face off in the second round of voting, with Mr Macron prevailing by a razor-thin margin of 55 percent to 45 percent.

Dr. Parry spoke to This Website about what might happen to the UK if Ms Le Pen were to win, and what it would entail for migrant crossings across the English Channel.

“When Le Pen gets into next year, she’ll need allies, and the kind of allies she’ll search for are nations who are very suspicious of the European Union,” he stated.

“She’ll also be strengthening French national pride, I believe, and she’ll look to Britain as an example, as she has multiple times in the past about a country taking control of its own fate.

“From what I’ve observed, she’ll try to prevent refugees from entering France.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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