As Putin’s threat grows, an ex-US national security adviser orders the EU to ‘cut off’ Nord Stream immediately.


As Putin’s threat grows, an ex-US security official orders the EU to ‘cut off’ Nord Stream immediately.

A FORMER US National Security Adviser has ordered the European Union to “cut off” the thorny Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal with Russia immediately, citing the threat of Vladimir Putin’s rockets.

The European Union must send a “very visible” message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that marching troops into Ukraine and now Kazakhstan is unacceptable, according to John Bolton, who served as Trump’s National Security Advisor.

Mr. Bolton expressed surprise to Sky News as to why the EU had failed to respond to Russian aggression in Europe and Central Asia.

“Absolutely, we should cut it off! We should have cut it off during the Trump administration!” he said when discussing pipeline measures.

Instead of the current sanctions against Russia, Mr. Bolton suggested that the West tell the Russians, “There will be no Nord Stream 2 until you get your troops out of Ukraine.”

He went on to say that this should include Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea, as well as Russian troops withdrawing from the region.

However, the former NSA warned that threatening action if Russian forces cross into Ukraine following the massive build-up of troops on the border will not be enough if the West does not raise the cost to President Putin in a “very visible way” now.

He went on to warn the EU and Germany, where the pipeline terminates, that “the lesson needed to be brought home to us, because it is happening right now in Kazakhstan.”

It comes after President Vladimir Putin dispatched Russian troops to Kazakhstan to quell unrest sparked by the country’s citizens taking to the streets to protest rising gasoline prices.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken made similar demands, saying the pipeline should be used as “leverage” against Russia.

“Some may see Nord Stream 2 as leverage that Russia can use against Europe,” he told European leaders in a rallying cry for action.

“In fact, Europe can use it against Russia as leverage.”

Politicians in the United States are debating whether or not to sanction Russia over the Nord Stream 2 project.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has introduced legislation in the US Senate that could force President Joe Biden to impose sanctions on the pipeline project.

Natural gas is transported through the 1,230-kilometer Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

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