As protests erupt in Rotterdam against the Covid shutdown, Dutch police fire warning shots, with protestors burning cars on fire.


As protests erupt in Rotterdam against the Covid shutdown, Dutch police fire warning shots, with protestors burning cars on fire.

Anti-lockdown rioters set fire to cars and flung rocks at police in the Netherlands, injuring a number of people.

Protests against the Covid-19 restrictions turned violent, resulting in chaotic scenes in Rotterdam.

In an attempt to disperse hundreds of protestors from a central thoroughfare in the port city, riot police were obliged to employ a water cannon.

At least one police car was set on fire, and another had a bicycle rammed through the windscreen, according to photos published in Dutch media.

During the violence, protesters set fires and threw fireworks, according to police, who also closed the city’s main railway station.

The unrest, according to local media, was caused by soccer hooligan gangs.

“We fired warning shots and direct shots since the situation was life-threatening,” Patricia Wessels, a police spokesperson, told Reuters.

“We know at least two persons were hurt, most likely as a result of the warning shots, but we need to look into the specific causes.”

Hundreds of people gathered to protest the government’s intention to limit entrance to indoor venues to persons who have a “corona pass,” which proves they have been vaccinated or have recently recovered from an infection.

People who have not been vaccinated but have documentation of a negative test can also get the pass.

In Rotterdam, police declared an emergency decree that shut down public transportation and ordered people to return home.

Water cannons and police on horseback were used to disperse the protesters, according to authorities.

The Netherlands re-imposed some lockdown measures for an initial three weeks last weekend in an attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus, but daily infections have remained at their highest levels since the outbreak began.

The government has stated that it intends to introduce legislation that would allow businesses to limit access to the country’s coronavirus pass system to only those who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19, excluding those who test negative.

Rioting erupted in Rotterdam and other Dutch cities in January when the government imposed a curfew in an attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus infections.

For the second year in a row, the government has outlawed fireworks on December 31.

According to the government, the restriction is designed to reduce the burden on health care, law enforcement, and first responders as much as possible.

It comes as Europe is on the verge of another Christmas lockdown, with cases exploding all over the continent.

According to the World Health Organization, Europe was the only region in the world where Covid-related mortality rose last week, prompting Belgium’s Prime Minister to declare the continent “red alert.”

According to the WHO, the biggest number of… Brinkwire Brief News.


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