As party divisions surface, a Tory MP squirms under questioning about “chaotic” travel advice.


As party divisions surface, a Tory MP squirms under questioning about “chaotic” travel advice.

A CONSERVATIVE minister was probed about the government’s “chaotic” travel advice, as a public spat between MPs and cabinet members erupted.

Following reports that Chancellor Rishi Sunak has waded into the quarantine row and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps admitting he was not present when the France amber-plus list addition was made, Apprenticeship Minister Gillian Keegan appeared on Sky News, where she and the Government were accused of peddling “chaotic” travel advice. Ms Keegan stated that the government was attempting to strike a “balance” between allowing people to travel while also giving them enough time to prepare for any changes to COVID-19. Sky News host Stephen Dixon was dissatisfied with the response, pointing out that some ministers wanted to preserve the amber watch lists while others, such as Ms Keegan, wanted to get rid of them.

Ms Keegan discussed the travel snafu on Sky News ahead of the government’s review on Thursday, with the BBC reporting that the amber listing will be phased out.

The addition of the list would alert travelers that some areas could suddenly be placed on the red list, requiring them to isolate upon their return.

Ms Keegan stated that the government “obviously wants to open up travel,” but Mr Dixon pointed out that the government has been leaking incredibly misleading and aggressive rhetoric, which has only served to confuse people.

He told the minister, “You’re absolutely correct, and I’m sure everyone agrees that it’s not easy or straightforward because nothing has been easy or straightforward with this pandemic.”

“However, just yesterday, a minister told me that we needed a watch list because it provides people greater clarity.

“Today, you’re saying we don’t need a watch list because it’s all about providing people with clarity and choice – no wonder people believe this is confusing and chaotic.”

“Well, maybe they should wait till the government really announces what it’s going to do rather than speculation,” Ms Keegan plainly said.

“As I mentioned, the Transport Secretary will put it out on Thursday, but there’s no doubt that we’re looking at all alternatives and trying to strike the right balance between providing people enough notice and warning but also making it simple enough.

“I was out over the weekend and I was just asking people if they understood it.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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