As Omicron spreads across the UK, the hospital closes its staff canteen to make room for more beds.


As Omicron spreads across the UK, a hospital closes a staff canteen to make room for more beds.

Due to the widespread Omicron variant, one-eighth of England’s 137 hospital trusts are now on high alert.

To make room for more beds, one hospital has even closed its staff restaurant and visitor parking lot.

Around 10% of NHS workers are now isolating or on sick leave, according to data, and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed that 17 trusts, or 12.4% of them, are on a critical infections war footing.

Mr Shapps acknowledged that “hospitals going critical over the winter” is “not entirely uncommon,” but acknowledged that “very real pressures” exist.

According to government figures, 17,276 people were admitted to UK hospitals with cancer.

Covid was up 58 percent week over week as of January 4.

It’s the highest number since February 19 of last year, but it’s still a far cry from the nearly 40,000 recorded in January 2021.

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In addition to the 100-capacity Covid Nightingale Surge Hub being built on the visitor car park, the Royal Preston Hospital’s staff canteen, Charters Restaurant, was temporarily closed on Tuesday to allow a makeshift 50-bed ward to open in its place.

“We are also looking at other potential space, including our physio gyms, where around 50 beds could be provided,” said Lancashire Teaching Hospitals.

The NHS Confederation’s chief executive, Matthew Taylor, has urged the government to go further than the Plan B measures agreed to by the Cabinet until January 26.

“The government must now do everything possible to mobilize more staff and resources for the NHS to get through this extremely difficult period,” he said.

He suggested that tens of thousands of medical students could be sent to Covid wards to help with the staffing shortage.


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