As NATO tensions rise, Russia warns of a “danger zone” in the Black Sea.


As NATO tensions rise, Russia warns of a “danger zone” in the Black Sea.

NATO military drills in the Black Sea are inflaming tensions and “provoking” confrontation, according to a Russian envoy.

NATO’s training exercises, according to Yuri Pilipson, director of Moscow’s Ministry Fourth European Department, represent a security danger to the territory between Russia and Ukraine. “Unfortunately, we must accept that the Black Sea is shifting from a place of peace and good neighborliness into a zone of serious military confrontation,” Mr Pilipson told Ria Novosti on Thursday.

“It is self-evident that this type of ‘training’ exacerbates rather than prevents conflict.”

Russia will continue to take efforts to preserve its national security, the envoy added to the state-run news agency.

He stated, “We have frequently warned that escalating military-political conflict immediately on our borders carries a confrontational tone.”

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) held its Sea Breeze 2021 exercises between June 28 and July 10.

Up to 5,000 sailors, 40 airplanes, and 32 ships sailed into the Black Sea on this occasion.

Ukrainian sailors have joined the NATO fleets at sea.

Russian military have been following the activities of the HMS Defender as it entered waters near Crimea on June 23.

While the Ministry of Defence Press Office first stated that “no shots were fired at HMS Defender,” the Russian news agency Ria Novosti says that rounds were fired after the Russians offered “multiple warnings” to the British warship.

The UK has argued that the Type 45 destroyer’s approach to the Crimean coast was perfectly legal under international freedom of navigation regulations.

The incident was labeled a “provocation” by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Even if we had sunk that ship, it would be difficult to envisage the globe on the verge of World War III,” he added.

“Those who are doing this are well aware that they would not emerge triumphant from such a conflict. That is extremely significant.”

Ukraine’s Naval Forces will begin their week-long Dive-2021 anti-mine training in contested waters soon.

Other nations’ vessels, notably those from the United States, will join the Ukrainian navy.

According to a local newspaper, Pilipson published a new statement today advocating for the “progressive increase” of military cooperation between Moscow and Ankara.

“We mark with delight the steady expansion of the Russian-Turkish relationship on a wide range of subjects of common interest,” the Russian envoy said.

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