As MI6 chief delivers a warning, Xi Jinping’s horrific plot to’re-engineer’ society is revealed.


As MI6 chief delivers a warning, Xi Jinping’s horrific plot to’re-engineer’ society is revealed.

XI JINPING is planning to “double down” on “re-engineering” society, according to a former MI6 chief who warned of China’s threat to the West.

According to a former MI6 chief, Xi Jinping’s ambition to “re-engineer” Chinese society could have an impact on the West’s own value system. China, according to BBC Newscast’s Sir Alex Younger, is going it alone and poses a lethal menace to the West. The former spymaster expressed fear that Beijing could impose its principles on other nations in the future.

Sir Alex explained: “As Francis Fukuyama famously predicted, history has not come to an end.

“Liberal democratic capitalism has not always ruled supreme.

“Indeed, we have a thriving country in China that has made it very plain that it has no intention of replicating our ideas, on the contrary.

“The concept that as China becomes wealthier, it will become more like us is clearly incorrect.”

He went on to say: “Xi Jinping is adamant that the Communist Party will have complete control over all elements of Chinese life.

“He intends to double down on this, claiming that they would utilize it to re-engineer China, a process he refers to as “shared prosperity.”

“In ‘The Chinese Dream,’ he will engineer China’s rise. And these are all concerns that he is primarily concerned with at home.

“However, it’s clear that you now have two independent value systems, one planet, two systems, which must create some type of competition inside our own value system.”

It doesn’t take a spy to see that Xi Jinping is a menace, according to the former British intelligence official.

Xi Jinping is attempting to become China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong, and billions of Chinese people are celebrating National Day today.

Beijing’s communist leaders have started a quest for ‘shared prosperity’ in recent months.

Officials have targeted major industry sectors, wealthy tech billionaires, education, celebrity culture, and individuals’ personal life as a result of this.

This is considered as laying the groundwork for President Xi’s extraordinary third term in office at the Chinese Communist Party’s National Congress next year.

Other reforms include limiting computer game time throughout the week and cracking down on “sissy” famous guys, according to China.

Official ‘Xi Jinping thought’ will be incorporated into the national curriculum and taught in schools beginning in primary school.


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