As Le Pen cashes in on the reviled Normandy project, French fisherman erupt in anger at Macron.


As Le Pen cashes in on the reviled Normandy project, French fisherman erupt in anger at Macron.

Emmanuel Macron has been chastised by fishermen for his proposals for wind farms.

On Friday, protestors gathered in an attempt to voice their opposition to the wind project plans.

Protests were held in Le Havre and Cherbourg, with the majority of the protestors being fisherman.

Protesters think that the proposed wind turbines will be an ecological disaster, affecting both maritime biodiversity and economic activity.

“They’re going to kill everything,” one protestor told Europe 1. They’re going to destroy an artisanal industry, and it’ll be disastrous.

“Castex and Macron should go see what they’ve done to the environment.”

“What we’re calling for is a ban on wind farm projects,” the fisherman stated.

Another interview raised worries about the environmental impact of these wind farms.

“We’re always on the move. We’ve already seen what happens at the bottom. It will be disastrous in terms of biodiversity.” In protest of offshore wind projects, fishermen have blocked the port of Le Havre.

Around forty fishing boats are thought to have been able to blockade the port of Le Havre.

This happened last Friday about 9:30 a.m.

Another demonstration is expected in Cherbourg, which is home to yet another location where wind farms are planned.

“These are the two places where the factories that make wind turbines are located,” one protestor remarked.

Mathieu Vimard, deputy director of the Norman fisherman’s association, also stated what the fishermen want to happen as a result of the protests.

“It is now time that, with the current ones, we research the repercussions and benefit/risk ratios of wind turbines on the seabed in great depth,” he stated.

“We couldn’t do that ten years ago when the initiatives were launched, but we can now.”

“No study has shown us that there would be no impact on biodiversity,” Dimitri Rogoff, director of the regional fisheries committee, said in support of Mathieu Vimard’s position.

Marine Le Pen also resorted to Twitter to express her solidarity with France’s fishermen.

“All my support for the fishermen who bravely fight offshore wind projects,” she tweeted.

“If I am elected President of the Republic, I will dismantle wind farms on land and at sea immediately and eliminate all wind energy subsidies.”

“Brinkwire Summary News,” by Jérémy Legaillard, a Port-en-France fisherman.


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