As Kate Middleton ‘dilutes’ the Royal Family, William gets a taste of what ‘real life is like.’


As Kate Middleton ‘dilutes’ the Royal Family, William gets a taste of what ‘real life is like.’

A video claimed that Prince William was given a peek of what “real life” is like as his wife Kate Middleton “dilutes” the Royal Family.

In the next days, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will prepare to send Prince George and Princess Charlotte back to school. Children all throughout the country will be returning to school after a fun-filled summer. At the private Thomas’ prep school in Battersea, south-west London, George and Charlotte will begin their fourth and second years, respectively.

Meanwhile, Prince Louis, who is three years old, will begin his second year of nursery school at the Willcocks Nursery, which is a short walk from Kensington Palace.

They also have a second home in Norfolk, at Anmer Hall.

Kate is known for her down-to-earth attitude, despite her royal rank.

Kate grew raised in the Berkshire village of Bucklebury, where she was born into an upper-middle-class family.

‘Kate Middleton: Working Class to Windsor’ was a documentary that delved into her life.

Kate was “raised up in such a loving and stable family,” according to royal analyst Camilla Tominey.

“The kind of family that William and Harry, let’s face it, never truly had.”

This, according to Ms. Tominey, is extremely grounding for William.

“Her middle-classness, lack of aristocratic airs and graces, and the fact that she isn’t royalty is no negative thing because it dilutes the Royal Family a little bit,” she continued.

“It reminds this man, who has only known royal life, what life is like in the real world.”

Despite his status as the future King, William has always maintained a humble demeanor.

Kate’s temperament, according to Ms Tominey, has been crucial to their marriage’s success.

“Kate has been very careful not to overshadow her husband,” she observed.

“I believe she is the yin to his yang in that he, although being a levelheaded, straight-talking type of man, is prone to a few temper tantrums, and perhaps likes to dig his heels in and get pretty upset at times.

“It appears that Kate is the one who is pulling him back and reigning him in, saying, ‘OK, let’s just keep calm.’”

William and Kate have developed a strong bond with the British public, as well as receiving high accolades for their parenting style.

They both saw England lose to Italy in the Euro 2020 final earlier this summer, as well as the last-16 encounter. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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