As Ireland’s Coveney warns of a rupture in EU-UK relations, the Brexit conflict looms.


As Ireland’s Coveney warns of a rupture in EU-UK relations, the Brexit conflict looms.

THE FOREIGN MINISTER OF IRELAND has warned of a total collapse in relations between the EU and the United Kingdom over the Brexit deal.

Lord David Frost is anticipated to tell his EU counterpart that the Northern Ireland Protocol’s existing conditions are a “red line” for the UK.

The protocol effectively keeps the province in the Single Market while imposing checks on products traveling between it and the rest of the UK.

This situation is intolerable to Downing Street, which is poised to suspend parts of the protocol unilaterally if Brussels refuses to make “substantial adjustments” to the current agreement.

It could cause a rift between the UK and the EU, as well as between the Government and the House of Lords and the Supreme Court.

The Irish Foreign Minister, Simon Coveney, criticized the stories on social media.

“EU works earnestly to tackle practical challenges with Protocol implementation,” he stated.

“So the UKG (government) establishes a new’red line’ obstacle to development, knowing full well that the EU will be unable to move forward…. are we surprised?”

Real question: “Does UKG desire a mutually agreeable path forward or a further deterioration of relations?”

According to The Telegraph, Lord Frost, the Cabinet Office minister, would remind Maro efovi, the European Commission’s Vice-President, that removing the protocol’s control from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is a “red line” for Britain.

He will say in a speech on Tuesday that “no one should be in any doubt about the gravity of the situation.”

“The commission has been too quick to reject governance as a side issue,” he is anticipated to say. The truth is quite the reverse.” Lord Frost is also anticipated to present “a new legal text” reflecting the UK’s plans, which would demand that a new Protocol be included in the recently concluded UK-EU trade agreement.

Lord Frost defended the UK’s requests for a reformed Northern Ireland Protocol in response to Mr Coveney’s Twitter tweet.

“I prefer not to do negotiations on Twitter,” he continued, “but the question of governance and the CJEU is not new since Simon Coveney began the process.”

“Three months ago, in our Command Paper of July 21, we expressed our concerns.

“The issue is that too few individuals appear to have paid attention. Maro efovi’s proposals are awaited.

“Whatever they say, we will take it seriously and favorably.” We’ll have a serious and in-depth discussion about them.

“However, major reform is required in the current circumstances,” says Brinkwire Summary News.


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