As invasion concerns mount, China mocks “Daddy America” and threatens to “freak out” Taiwan.


As invasion concerns mount, China mocks “Daddy America” and threatens to “freak out” Taiwan.

If the US goes to war with China over Taiwan, Joe Biden has been informed that the US will be “annihilated.”

China’s Communist leadership has increased its pressure on the island state in recent months. Fighter jets of the People’s Liberation Army have repeatedly violated Taiwanese airspace (PLA). In and around the Taiwan Strait, the PLA has also conducted a number of naval and military drills.

In response to Beijing’s strong military activities, the US has increased naval patrols in the region and approved armament sales to Taipei.

The USS Kidd guided missile destroyer and the USCGC Munro cutter performed a passage across the Taiwan Straits on Friday, marking the latest US incursion.

The editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a daily Chinese tabloid controlled by the Communist Party, reacted angrily to US naval maneuvers.

Taipei’s idea that “Daddy America” would come to its rescue and protect its independence was derided by the editor.

They dismissed US actions as bluster, implying that Washington had the stomach or capability to fight a war with China in its own backyard.

“The US is increasingly losing its momentum and confidence to flex its military strength in front of China in the Taiwan Straits and the South China Sea,” the editor wrote.

“The PLA….is demonstrating our determination to stick to our plan and principle in resolving the Taiwan crisis, and the US military will be annihilated if they participate in a war.

“The Taiwanese DPP government will go insane and submit to the mainland.”

“Whoever dares to violate China’s redline on the Taiwan subject is inviting its own death,” they warned ominously.

Beijing claims full sovereignty over Taiwan and has made no secret of its willingness to reclaim it by force.

President Xi Jinping underlined that goal in a speech commemorating the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th anniversary, pledging to smash any attempts at independence on the island.

“No one should underestimate the Chinese people’s great determination, firm will, and strong capabilities to preserve national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he warned his audience.


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