As intoxicated Britons refuse to stop partying, armed police are forced to intervene in Magaluf turmoil.


As intoxicated Britons refuse to stop partying, armed police are forced to intervene in Magaluf turmoil.

Over the weekend, British and French tourists battled with local authorities in Magaluf, Spain, for failing to follow coronavirus guidelines.

Young British and French tourists reportedly battled with local police in the early hours of Sunday in the resort town of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, for failing to comply with coronavirus restrictions.

Tourists threw pepper spray cans at some passers-by, according to the Mallorcan newspaper Ultima Hora, with one of the most unpleasant incidents occurring when a British tourist apparently climbed onto the roof of a moving car and fell to the ground, at which point his companions surrounded the vehicle and began violently shaking it.

Officers were obliged to intervene and charge the teenagers, who dispersed shortly.

Some of them went to the beach and continued to drink until the cops arrived and put an end to the illegal activity.

The British government has expressed regret and rejection for the disturbances that occurred on Saturday night.

According to the local newspaper Ara Balears, Lloyd Millen, the British Consul General in Catalonia, Aragon, Andorra, and the Balearic Islands, said: “It’s unfortunate, but there are far less than in previous years.”

“A night like this is excessive; we do not desire it.”

He went on to say that the administration of the Balearic Islands “had made an attempt to manage this tourism.”

Because of the EU, a French vaccine has been declared illegal in France.

Mr Millen has also shown his support for the police’s efforts to prevent lagging images.

He added, “Government initiatives to limit the sale of alcohol and bar operating hours are desirable.”

The consul remembered that the UK and the government are working jointly to enhance awareness of the restrictions in place among young British tourists visiting the Islands.

Mr Millen hasn’t said whether they’ll adjust their COVID-19 traffic light because the review period is still three weeks away.

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When they return to England, they will not be subjected to the quarantine for forty days.

Britons returning from Spain should, however, undergo a PCR test as a precaution.

The administrations of the Balearic Islands and the United Kingdom are collaborating to extend the tourism season through November.

“I’ve never understood why the season is so important.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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