As he refuses to empty their bin, a council worker calls them “dirty b*****ds.”


As he refuses to empty their bin, a council worker calls them “dirty b*****ds.”

‘I’ve told you dirty bas***** before, I’m not emptying it,’ the bin man yelled as Jade Ashleigh checked her family’s footage.

On her family’s CCTV, a woman was shocked to discover an abusive outburst from a foul-mouthed council worker who called her family “dirty b*****ds.”

Jade Ashleigh was looking through the surveillance footage at her home in Penrhyn Bay, North Wales, to see how her food bin and recycling cart had been damaged.

But she was taken aback when she saw footage of a bin man emptying recycling bins and yelling at a house after looking inside their blue bin on collection day, ‘I’ve told you dirty bas***** before, I’m not emptying it.’

Shortly after, the bin man can be heard shouting, ‘Empty your food bin, smelly,’ before wheeling the bin wagon down the street.

“This isn’t the first time the bin men have been heard hurling abuse at residents,” she told North Wales Live.

“Normally, I would not check the CCTV, but I did because my food bin and recycling trolley had been damaged, and I wanted to see what had happened.”

“I heard him yell that he hadn’t been emptying the bins and called someone across the street a ‘dirty bas*****,’ then go to his colleague and mutter something else.”

“Some of it was picked up by the CCTV camera, but we’re not sure who he was talking about because the person screaming is off-camera.”

“It was just about the contents of a bin, and all he had to do was leave a note saying they couldn’t empty the bin, but it’s still a bin.”

I’m not sure what he expects to find in there.

“After muttering to his coworker, he continued walking along the sidewalk with the truck, shouting to someone to empty their food before calling them’smelly.'”

Jade then filed a formal complaint with the city council, along with the video.

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According to a council spokesperson, the resident has been contacted with an update and an apology.

“We received a call from a resident in Penrhyn Bay and logged her complaint, which is being looked into by the manager,” said Conwy Council’s Environment, Roads and Facilities Service in a statement.

“Members of the council.

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