As he prepares to return to politics to end the ‘national emergency,’ Farage throws down the gauntlet.


Farage throws down the gauntlet as he prepares for a political comeback to end the ‘national emergency.’

NIGEL Farage has hinted that he may return to politics if Boris Johnson fails to adequately address the issue of migrant crossing.

Despite his stance, Nigel Farage revealed that his “gut instinct tells him not to” return to politics.

Mr Farage chastised Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party for failing to “get a grip” on migrant crossings between Calais and Dover.

Only this month, over 1,000 people arrived in one day, breaking a British record.

Mr Farage’s announcement that he could be persuaded to return if things continue to spiral out of control has set alarm bells ringing for Mr Johnson ahead of the next general election.

The former leader of the Brexit Party told GB News that he is being ‘bombarded’ with emails from people pleading with him to return to fight illegal immigration.

“I worked in politics for 25 years and helped bring about a major historic change in terms of our exit from the European Union,” he said.

“While my gut instinct is not to return to politics, I must reserve the right, [not least]if this turns into a national emergency by this time next year or sooner.”

“I reserve the right to say that if no one in the Conservative Party has the courage, backbone, or will to address this issue, then I will never say never.”

However, the pro-Brexit politician, who stepped down as leader of Reform UK and political activity in March, urged people not to get their hopes up, saying his heart isn’t set on a comeback just yet.

“It’s not what I want to do, absolutely not,” he added.

It’s not easy to take on the entire British establishment in that chapter of my life.

“However, I never say never, because who knows how bad things can get?”

“I don’t want to, but if I’m forced to, I’ll do it.”

Mr Farage has a history of breaking his promises and making U-turns, so a dramatic return would not be surprising.

He revealed this in a March interview with The Telegraph.

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