As he launches a new initiative, Prince Charles speaks out about the “immense difficulties” that face the world.


As he launches a new initiative, Prince Charles speaks out about the “immense difficulties” that face the world.

PRINCE CHARLES started a new project by speaking about the “immense obstacles” the coronavirus pandemic has caused to younger generations in school or entering the job market.

Your Palace to Palace, a project to encourage bicycles and walkers to earn money for the Prince’s Trust, was officially launched by Prince Charles. The event will take place from September 20 to September 26, and participants will accomplish a distance they are proud of, wherever they are in the world, to raise donations.

Prince Charles stated at the start of the event that the coronavirus pandemic and its effects have had a particularly negative impact on young people.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have seen young people confront enormous obstacles in recent years, with their education and work chances disrupted, not to mention the impact on their wellbeing,” the Prince of Wales said in an impassioned speech taped from his residence.

“Unfortunately, the most vulnerable are frequently left behind.

“We still don’t know the entire extent of the pandemic’s impact on young people’s self-esteem and future chances.

“However, we can be positive of one thing: this generation has faced a new level of adversity at precisely the most essential and formative time of their lives and early careers.”

Prince Charles went on to discuss the Trust’s efforts during the course of the Covid crisis to help younger generations gain confidence and abilities.

“It has long been the goal of my Trust to provide opportunities for young people who have suffered difficulty to build a brighter future for themselves through work, education, or enterprise,” he added.

“Throughout this extremely trying time, my Trust has continued to offer a lifeline to those in need of assistance by providing free courses and mentorship to assist young people in gaining new skills, finding work, or starting a business.”

The Prince of Wales couldn’t contain his delight as he explained how members of the public concerned about the issues faced by young people, particularly the most vulnerable, may help by participating in the fund-raising Your Palace to Palace event.

“I am ecstatic to see that hundreds of people are walking, running, or cycling as part of Your Palace to Palace to support,” he stated.


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