As he dismantles the federal idea, Barnier deals a blow to the United States of Europe proposal.


FORMER Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier revealed the EU was likely to see Brexit happen again for other member states who are “angry” and dismissed calls for a “United States of Europe”.

Michel Barnier spoke to LBC’s Iain Dale about his time during the Brexit negotiations and was asked whether he believes a Brexit style vote could happen again. Mr Barnier agreed many issues which led to Brexit could be found in other countries and said another country leaving the bloc could happen. But when asked what his vision of the bloc was, Mr Barnier rejected calls to merge Europe into one homogenous group and feared it would be dangerous to impose uniformity among member states.

Speaking on LBC, host Dale wanted to know whether Mr Barnier related more to his French or European heritage.

He replied: “Patriote et européen [patriot and European]is on my Twitter account.

“And to be [patriot and European]goes together, so my vision is not a federal state, it is not the United States of Europe.

“The reality is more complex and this reality is unique, never in the past apart from the times of empires [is there something like the EU].

Mr Barnier said the EU was pulling people together rather than merging as the national identity of each member state had to be respected.

He called the project “complex” and pushed for a “united” Europe, not a “unified” Europe as he feared uniformity would be dangerous.

Mr Barnier said it would be tougher to go alone, like the UK, and the challenges of the world needed to be tackled together but at the same time respecting the sovereignty of each nation.

Mr Dale also wondered if Mr Barnier believed a Brexit style separation from the EU could happen for another country.

He asked: “The fact that there were lots of people who were dissatisfied with a lot of things in Britain.

“Not particularly necessarily the European Union but they were angry about austerity, the policies of the David Cameron government.

“So they took the opportunity to kick the Government, which I guess can happen anywhere.

“But if it can happen in Britain, it could happen elsewhere, do you think that it could happen in another European country?”

Mr Barnier agreed and said: “Yes actually, so exactly for the reason you mentioned.

“The social, what I call a pseudo-social. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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