As he avoids incarceration ‘by the skin of his teeth,’ a white supremacist has been compelled to read Pride and Prejudice.


As he avoids incarceration ‘by the skin of his teeth,’ a white supremacist has been compelled to read Pride and Prejudice.

AFTER ESCAPING JAIL “by the skin of his teeth,” a WHITE supremacist has been forced to study literary masterpieces such as Pride and Prejudice.

Judge Timothy Spencer QC ordered Ben John, a young Nazi sympathiser, to read literary classics instead of bomb-making instructions after he downloaded bomb-making instructions. The judge told John that he may avoid going to prison if he avoided reading white supremacist publications.

Instead, he suggested that young people read great authors such as Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, and Charles Dickens.

John, a former De Montfort University student, will be called back to court every four months to be examined on the relevant literature.

Days after his 18th birthday, the 21-year-old was recognized as a terror threat and referred to the Prevent program.

John, on the other hand, continued to download “repulsive” right-wing documents alongside Nazi-related material.

The teenagers also got their hands on a bomb-making handbook and composed a letter ranting against homosexual people, immigrants, and leftists.

John was found guilty by a jury earlier this month of possessing material that may be used to plan a terrorist attack.

The maximum sentence for the conviction was 15 years in prison, but Judge Spencer determined that this was an isolated occasion and that his offense was most likely “an act of juvenile foolishness.”

“He has escaped incarceration by the skin of his teeth,” the judge told the boy’s lawyer, Harry Bentley.

On John’s computer hard drive, the judge discovered seven incriminating documents, including “many, many viable directions on how to construct terrible explosions,” among other right-wing and terror-related documents.

In January 2020, police investigated John’s student housing in Saxby Street, Highfields, Leicester, resulting in the finding of “an alarming amount of right-wing literature and images.”

“This information is repulsive to any right-thinking person,” Judge Spencer stated.

“The majority of the content here is related to Nazi, fascist, and Adolf Hitler-inspired philosophy.

“However, there was a significant amount of more recent material advocating extreme right-wing, white nationalist views.

“At trial, you claimed it was just academic curiosity, which I refute. My assessment is that you have aligned with these ideals and absorbed the viewpoints to a large degree.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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