As gunshot rings out and National Guard called in, Trump supporters storm Capitol construction


Violence engulfed Washington DC tonight after the US Capitol building was invaded by thousands of Donald Trump supporters as lawmakers were inside.

One individual was shot, and as demonstrators rioted, the National Guard was mobilized.

Thousands of supporters of Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Construction of the Capitol as legislators were inside – culminating in shooting, leaving one individual shot dead.

After a group of protestors broke through the fence of the house, the discussion was suspended and the U.S. He was forced to shut down the Capitol.

The demonstrators, some of whom have made it into the Senate chamber, are now being guarded inside the Capitol by police at gunpoint.

In addition to the one individual who is in critical condition after being shot, Washington DC emergency services reported that at least five individuals have been transported to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the “utterly horrific” incidents were addressed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

On Twitter, she wrote, “The scenes from the Capitol are absolutely horrific. Solidarity with those in [America] who are on the side of democracy and the peaceful and constitutional transfer of power.”

“Shame on those who instigated this attack on democracy.”Those who instigated this attack on democracy are ashamed.

The Capitol scenes are completely awful. Solidarity for those who stand on the side of freedom and the transition of power peacefully and constitutionally. Shame on the instigators of this assault on democracy.

– Nicola Sturgeon, January 6, 2021(@NicolaSturgeon)

In the meantime, it was reported that Vice President Mike Pence had been relocated to a safe place and evacuated by the Senate chamber, along with many others.

“We will never concede.”We’re never going to concede.


He also encouraged protesters to go to the Capitol building, where, about an hour later, demonstrators clashed with police and broke through police lines.

A group of about two dozen people streamed into the U.S. at the end of his speech. Construction of the Capitol, where the U.S. Congress was in the process of formally counting Electoral College votes.

At the Capitol complex, Trump supporters broke through security at

-January 6, 2021 -Yashar Ali (@yashar)

A video of demonstrators storming the Capitol was posted by Twitter user Elijah Schaffer, claiming it was “craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

BREAKING: Trump supporters have violated the Capitol building, tearing down four layers of security fencing and attempting to occupy the building – fighting overrunning federal police
This is the craziest thing in my life that I have ever seen. Thousands, Police can’t stop them.
-ELIJAH SCHAFFER 6 January 2021(@ElijahSchaffer)

“They added in another tweet: “Patriots have stormed the Capitol building grounds and are massively smashing through federal barriers and police.

“In effect, non-lethal force. Full illegal assembly on show. Nothing like that has ever been seen. Mad. Occupying thousands.


Philip Lewis of HuffPost has posted footage of the situation – it can be shown to be pepper-spraying to indicate anyone attempting to get past officers.

“Whoa: Trump supporters go at it with police on the Capitol steps as Congress counts the Electoral College votes inside.”Whoa: Trump supporters go at it on the Capitol steps with police as Congress counts the votes inside the Electoral College.

WILD This is
-Philip Lewis (@Phil Lewis) on January 6th, 2021

Meanwhile, due to a pipe bomb, other buildings were reportedly evacuated.

A stretcher was also seen being carried through the crowd, according to the U.S. media.

Congresswoman for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, Elaine Luria, said, “I just had to evacuate my office because there was a pipe bomb reported outside.

“Supporters of the president are trying to make their way into the Capitol, and I can hear what sounds like multiple gunshots.”

Today, I do not recognize our country, and the members of Congress who endorsed this anarchy are not worthy of serving their fellow Americans. (2/2) (2)
– Rep. Elaine Luria (@RepElaineLuria) January 6, 2021

But Ted Lieu, representative for California’s 33rd Congressional District, said the protesters “will not intimidate us.”

He tweeted, “Dear Donald Trump enablers: you will not intimidate us.

“Today, both the Senate and House will vote multiple times to reject your delusional conspiracy theories and affirm the certified results of the Electoral College. Your toxic beliefs will au


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