As Greenlandic air slams into Britain, thundersnow will cause a -8°C weekend freeze.


As Greenlandic air slams into Britain, thundersnow will cause a -8C weekend freeze.

NEW SNOW FORECASTS have been issued for the UK, with “thundersnow” expected to cause a weekend freeze with lows of -8C.

The cold is said to be caused by icy Greenlandic air passing through Britain.

When snow is followed by thunder and lightning, as it is with rain, the rare “thundersnow” phenomenon occurs.

A yellow weather warning for snow and ice has been issued for Scotland, northern England, the West Midlands, and Northern Ireland.

Overnight last night, the cold air brought temperatures of -8°C in Yorkshire and Highland Scotland and -7°C in Bedfordshire, Northumberland.

Lows of -8C are expected in parts of Scotland overnight on Saturday, according to the Met Office.

Snow is expected in Northern England, Scotland, and the Welsh Mountains, according to Netweather, but parts of the UK, such as southwest Wales, coastal southwest England, and Northern Ireland, may see milder weather.

WXCharts predicted up to 0.7 inches (2cm) of snow per hour in northwest England and parts of Scotland, but less than 0.3 inches (1cm) in Manchester and its environs.

Snowfall of up to 8 inches (20cm) is expected in parts of Scotland by the end of Friday, with the possibility of more through the weekend.

By Sunday, up to ten inches (25cm) of snow could have fallen in northwest Scotland.

“The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for snow over higher-level routes such as the trans-Pennine, through the Southern Uplands, and into Highland Scotland,” Jo Farrow, a Netweather forecaster, said.

“These advisories reflect the expected effects of the severe weather.”

“As a southerly wind picks up and rain appears, there will be snow outside of the warned area for a time.”

“The majority of the snow will fall over the hills, but lower parts of northern England and Scotland may get a dusting today.”

“Temperatures in SW Wales and coastal SW England could reach 9 or 10 degrees Celsius, with temperatures in Northern Ireland reaching 8 degrees Celsius in a sliver of milder air.”

“Polar Maritime air from Greenland, moving across the north Atlantic, picking up moisture and then dumping a lot of rain on us,” she added.

“Mixed showers of rain, sleet, and snow will continue to feed in from the Atlantic, bringing more shelter to Counties Down and Antrim.

“Also, there will be more rain in Scotland.”

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