As green cars become more widespread, electricity demand is expected to treble by 2030.


As green cars become more widespread, electricity demand is expected to treble by 2030.

BRITAIN is at the forefront of the green revolution, but experts believe more needs to be done to keep up with demand, which is expected to quadruple by 2050.

Although offshore wind power in the country is expected to treble by 2030, demand will skyrocket over the next 30 years as automobiles and heating sources migrate to renewable energy sources. However, government advisers on the Climate Transform Committee (CCC) believe that massive segments of the economy will need to change in order to meet consumer demand. “It is not easy,” said Mike Thompson, the CCC’s head economist. We need to generate a lot more renewable energy. Offshore wind in the North Sea will be the primary source. We’ve proven that we’re capable.”

The Daily Express was brought to tour 50 of the power-generating structures spread around UK waterways, including Orsted’s Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm, off Clacton-on-Sea in the Northern Thames Estuary.

With its Green Britain Needs You crusade, the Express is advocating for environmental protection and economic growth.

The tallest Gunfleet turbine stands at 580 feet, about three times the height of Nelson’s Column. “Of course, there’s tons more creativity, invention, and technology that’s going to help,” Duncan Clark, UK CEO of Danish manufacturer Orsted, stated during our trip.

“However, if you look around today, you will see everything you need to address the [climate]emergency there in front of you.”

Last year, wind power accounted for over a quarter of all electricity generated in the UK, surpassing coal in 2016 and nuclear power in 2018.

However, the CCC estimates that by 2035, wind and solar energy will be required to meet 75 to 90 percent of total demand.

“Every oil or gas-powered item — automobiles, furnaces, and so on – will have to be converted to electricity,” Mr Thompson added.

“It is feasible, but it will take a significant amount of government leadership to achieve.”


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