As father, Kate Middleton’s body language’shifts.’ At Wimbledon, Michael fills in for William.


As father, Kate Middleton’s body language’shifts.’ At Wimbledon, Michael fills in for William.

KATE, DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE, and her father, Michael Middleton, attended the Wimbledon finals. The Duchess’s body language changed while she was with her father, according to a body language specialist.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, 39, is the patron of Wimbledon’s All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC) and will be there for both days of the tournament’s final weekend. On Saturday, she and her husband, Prince William, 39, watched the women’s finals, while on Sunday, she spent the day with her father, Michael Middleton.

Kate and Michael were photographed in the stands at Wimbledon, smiling and joking together and even participating in a Mexican wave.

Kate was photographed at the tournament with her father, and a body language specialist analyzed the photos and shared her findings.

“With William presumably on his way to Wembley with his fingers crossed for tonight’s match, it was Kate’s father on standby duty, and the change in roles between royal wife and daughter are visible in Kate’s shift in body language signals,” Judi James, a body language analyst and author, told This website.

Judi argued that the Duchess’s status indicates a change in her father’s presence.

“Arriving looking every inch the stylish and confident future Queen, Kate seemed to have settled into a look that is far less about status and more about father-daughter fun once they got into their seats,” she continued.

According to the expert, Kate is able to relax and have fun with her father and is “less erect” than she is with her husband William.

“She settles back here, rather than sitting erect as she usually does, and we can see her flinging herself into the Mexican wave with a tremendous grin of delight, cheering as she does so,” Judi continued.

Judi explained that Kate’s enthusiasm throughout the day out is evident in the way she laughs “uninhibitedly.”

“When she laughs, her nose wrinkles in an uninhibited expression of joy and happiness that she has probably retained since childhood, and when she and her father sit with their heads together chatting, the mirrored smiles and head angles show the strong bonds of affection that exist between them,” the expert continued.

For the final day of the two-week tournament, the Duchess wore a baby pink belted dress, cream heels, and a colorful face mask.

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