As Europe’s heatwave continues, Spain will boil with a scorcher of 38 degrees Celsius.


As Europe’s heatwave continues, Spain will boil with a scorcher of 38 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in Europe are expected to reach 38 degrees Celsius, according to BBC Weather, with the heatwave peaking in Spain.

According to BBC weather forecaster Louise Lear, Europe should expect more hot weather. This is especially true in Spain, where temperatures will hover just below 40°C this week. Elsewhere across the continent, the weather has been mostly dry, with scattered rain and thunderstorms in eastern Europe.

“Over the next few days, high pressure is likely to come in from the west of Europe, quieting down the weather story,” Ms Lear said.

“Thunderstorms may reappear as the weekend approaches.

“At this time, you can easily see where the rains are.

“They’re stretching out of Hungary and the Balkans, and by Tuesday afternoon, they’ll have moved on to Romania and Bulgaria.

“However, there will be plenty of dry weather behind it, notably in Spain.”

The severity of the meteorological condition in Spain during the next few days, according to the BBC Weather forecaster.

“There will be plenty of dry steady weather conditions around through Wednesday,” she said.

“The heat is expected to increase in inland Spain, with temperatures reaching close to 40°C in certain areas.

“That heat is also making its way along the west coast of France.”

Ms. Lear also discussed the rainy weather that is travelling south towards Europe’s southernmost point.

“As for Turkey, the Greek islands, and mainland Greece, it’s a lovely settled tale, as you’d anticipate at this time of year,” she said.

“From Romania and Bulgaria, there will be some strong rains going into this area.”

However, much of central Europe will remain dry and bright for the rest of the week.

As the heat fades, temperatures in the Scandinavian countries will remain above 20 degrees Celsius.

“Not as hot as it has been in Scandinavia, with temperatures dropping back down to where they should be,” the forecaster concluded.


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