As Europe teeters on the verge of war, Truss orders Putin to cease “malign activity.”


As Europe teeters on the brink of war, Truss orders Putin to cease “malign activity.”

FOREIGN SECRETARY Liz Truss called on Russia to stop its “malign activity” in Ukraine yesterday, as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned that the risk of conflict in Europe is “real.”

As Western ministers met today, Ms Truss condemned the Kremlin’s “aggressive and unprovoked stance” toward their neighbors.

On Wednesday, NATO allies and Russia will hold crisis talks in an attempt to avoid a war in eastern Europe.

On Monday, officials from the United States and Russia will meet in Geneva.

Approximately 100,000 Russian troops, tanks, artillery, and electronic warfare equipment have been deployed to Ukraine’s border.

The “risk of conflict is real,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg yesterday, adding that the alliance must be ready if talks fail.

NATO troops are ready, according to Mr. Stoltenberg, and “we have the plans to be able to protect and defend all allies.”

“The whole idea that Ukraine is a threat to Russia is to turn the world upside down,” he said.

“The challenge, when you see this gradual military build-up, combined with the threatening rhetoric that ‘if you don’t do exactly what we say and meet our demands,’ which they know are not acceptable, violating core principles for European security, combined with Russia’s track record of using force against neighbors before, Georgia and Ukraine, the capabilities, the rhetoric, the track record, sends a message that there is a real risk for a new armed conflict,’ that sends a message that there is

“That is why it is critical to engage in dialogue.”

We will listen to Russian concerns and discuss a variety of topics.

“We must be ready for the talks to break down and diplomacy to fail.

We’re sending a message to Russia that if they use military force against a neighbor, they’ll face severe consequences, including economic and political sanctions.

“We’ve got a lot of power.”

We have troops on the ground.

We have everything we need.

We have the necessary plans in place to protect and defend all of our allies.”

Many diplomats believe that, amid fears that Vladimir Putin is attempting to seize control of Kiev, the Kremlin is simply looking for reasons to withdraw from the talks and justify its hostility toward Ukraine.

They point to a Russian document released just before Christmas that lays out Moscow’s demands, many of which NATO will never accept given the threat of war.


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