As EU nations refuse to launch a fishing war against Brexit Britain, Brussels snubs Macron.


EMMANUEL MACRON has been snubbed by other European leaders after members of the Brussels bloc opted to defy French orders to enter a fishing war against Brexit Britain.

The French President, 43, suffered a major blow from his EU colleagues after they refused to enter his ‘cod war’ against the United Kingdom, the Sun has revealed. Monsieur Macron called on members of the Brussels bloc to heap the pressure on Britain after the French fisheries minister slammed the UK for a “clear failure to comply” with Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

According to the Sun, other member states in the European Union, including Ireland, agreed to sign a watered-down version of the statement and even removed any references to Britain breaching the fishing licence agreements signed in the Brexit accord.

Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands joined the Irish in backing the diluted statement.

Officials in Paris have attempted to spin Macron’s humiliation by claiming it is an “important step” in rallying the Brussels bloc against Brexit Britain.

French fisheries minister Annick Girardin said: “The answer to the British foot-dragging must first and foremost be found at the level of the 27 EU countries.

“We will publish the European and French responses to the British proposals during the second half of October, which could possibly include retaliatory measures.”

France has ramped up the pressure on the UK in recent weeks after Britain approved just 12 applications from French fishermen to venture into the UK’s waters.

The UK Government rejected a total of 35 bids in the last set of applications.

The Channel Island of Jersey rubbed salt into French wounds by refusing licences to an additional 75 French boats.

Madame Girardin responded by threatening to cut off electricity supplies to both Jersey and the neighbouring island of Guernsey.

But Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab fired back against the French last week.

“What the French need to adjust to”, the Brexit-backing MP said, “is the new reality we have left the EU.”

When Boris Johnson finally severed ties with the European Union on January 1, Brussels agreed to reduce continental access to Britain’s independent coastal waters.

Between 2021 and 2026, the number of fishing vessels from the EU entering UK waters will fall by 25 percent.

Alongside a £100million investment into the British fishing industry, Boris’ Brexit deal is estimated to. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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