As Duke, Prince Andrew’s ‘hand was forced,’ making him an ‘easy target’ who had to ‘hide behind lawyers.’


As Duke, Prince Andrew’s ‘hand was forced,’ making him an ‘easy target’ who had to ‘hide behind lawyers.’

A royal commentator has claimed that Prince Andrew’s “colorful lifestyle” and long-term associations with high-profile figures such as billionaire Jeffrey Epstein have “come back to haunt him,” making the Duke of York an “easy target.”

Richard Hillgrove claimed that the 61-year-old was forced to “hide behind his lawyers” due to an ongoing civil case involving historic allegations leveled against him by Virginia Giuffre.

He also questioned the Duke’s decision to go ahead with his interview with Emily Maitlis last year, implying that “he was badly advised.”

Andrew’s lawyers are currently attempting to stop Ms Giuffre from suing him, after the 38-year-old accused the Prince of sexual assault when she was 17 years old and went by the name Virginia Roberts.

Ms Giuffre claims she was trafficked by Epstein in 2001, when she was a minor under US law, to have sex with Andrew.

The Duke of York has stated categorically that he denies the allegations.

“He really has had his hand forced and it’s all about impact on the Royal Family,” said Mr Hillgrove, a PR consultant who has worked with Charles Saatchi, Julian Assange, Amber Heard, Rose McGowan, and Dame Vivienne Westwood.

“The Queen does not want this situation in this Platinum Jubilee year, but there appear to be all these fires lit and everyone appears to be getting in the neck.”

Andrew has obviously made himself an easy target in the past due to his colorful lifestyle.

Richard Hillgrove is a British actor.

“And obviously, with a colorful past and the types of people he used to hang out with now coming back to haunt him, Andrew has made himself quite an easy target.”

“I think Epstein used him for a kind of pseudo-royal warrant,” Mr Hillgrove continued.

Because Prince Andrew would not face any jail time because the case was a civil one, Mr Hillgrove explained that the legal strategy was to “humiliate the British Royal Family.”

“She is head of the family brand and she wants to do everything she can to clean this up, obviously,” Mr Hillgrove said of the Queen’s role.

“This appears to be a well-coordinated attack from the other side of the Atlantic.

“Who is paying the lawyers’ bill, and why are they paying the lawyers’ bill?”

“No one is going to do it.”

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Obviously Andrew has made himself quite an easy target with a colourful lifestyle in the past

Richard Hillgrove


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