As Duchess of Cambridge, Kate is following in the footsteps of the Queen in establishing an ‘admirable’ Royal Family image.


As Duchess of Cambridge, Kate is following in the footsteps of the Queen in establishing an ‘admirable’ Royal Family image.

According to a royal author, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge has developed an “admirable” Royal Family image and performs her duties in a similar manner to the Queen.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who turns 40 on Sunday, has become more visible as a representative of the monarchy at royal engagements and generally upholds the Royal Family’s image, according to Cele Otnes, co-author of Royal Fever.

Kate is “relatable” and “consistent,” according to Ms. Otnes, an expert on the Royal Family’s branding.

She also stated that when it comes to duty, Kate is following in the footsteps of the Queen.

“Kate has demonstrated that, like the Queen, duty means being other-directed rather than self-directed,” she told this website.

Kate is in a unique position, according to Ms. Otnes, because she is not only the wife of an heir apparent, but also the mother of one.

She explained that the public can see Kate as a mother and a wife in addition to seeing her as a royal.

These characteristics, she claims, can make her appear more approachable because they are traits that people can relate to.

“I believe she is viewed as a wifemotherroyal at the same time, which makes her relatable and admirable,” she explained.

Kate is also an important part of the monarchy, according to Ms Otnes, who says it’s “primarily due to her ability to relate to a younger demographic and one that puts the business of raising her family and remaining healthily connected to her family of origin” above all else.

While Kate and Prince William are protective of their children’s privacy, they frequently share glimpses into their personal lives with royal watchers who are curious about how the kids are doing.

The royal couple has also been seen on the school run, at sporting events, and hosting play dates for their friends.

They also demonstrated that they were just like any other family in September when they enjoyed a pub garden lunch in Norfolk.

According to The Sun, William ate a burger and chips with his family, who were accompanied by a pet spaniel.

“It would have been easy to miss them – and just assume they were any other family,” said one bystander.

“They were clearly laughing and chatting.

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