As Dale delivers the harsh Brexit zinger, “Like Scottish independence!” Alex Salmond stutters.


As Dale delivers the harsh Brexit zinger, “Like Scottish independence!” Alex Salmond stutters.

FORMER Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland, went on a rant against the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, claiming he couldn’t understand why the country wanted to leave the single market, despite the fact that, as LBC host Iain Dale pointed out, Mr Salmond was effectively campaigning for something similar.

On LBC’s Cross Questions, Alex Salmond joined Iain Dale to examine the UK’s choice to exit the European Union and its difficulties in negotiating trade agreements with other countries. Former SNP leader Alex Salmond said he couldn’t believe the UK wanted to leave the EU without first negotiating trade arrangements, and he condemned the Brexit decision. As the two debated the issue, Mr Dale pointed out that Mr Salmond’s push for Scottish independence was comparable in that it would mean leaving the UK’s single market.

Mr Johnson is under pressure to secure a major free trade agreement with the United States after boasting that a deal would be easy to achieve post-Brexit.

Prior to their meeting on Tuesday, he recognized that the US/UK trade deal was not a key priority for Joe Biden.

The PM also stated that a well-thought-out deal was preferable to a hasty one, stressing that the Americans can be harsh negotiators.

Mr Johnson had hoped to achieve a free-trade agreement with Donald Trump when he took office, and he appeared to be interested.

Mr Salmond was asked to provide his thoughts on the free-trade agreement on LBC.

“Bertie Ahern once told me that he could understand the logic in a Brexit Britain wanting to sign trade deals, but he couldn’t see the logic in them giving up the ones they had had before they did it,” he said on the program.

“Which is, of course, what Britain has done by giving up its position in the single market without negotiating major treaties that could have taken its place now.”

Mr Dale interjected, expressing amazement that many of the UK’s trade agreements with other countries had been extended post-Brexit.

The radio host even stated that the accord with Japan was better than their previous agreement.

Overall, Mr Salmond stated, the UK was still lagging behind these countries and had lost its place in the single market.

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