As Covid spirals out of control, a major UK hospital stops all elective procedures.


As Covid spirals out of control, a major UK hospital stops all elective procedures.

Due to an increase in coronavirus cases, all elective surgery at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been canceled for two days.

Hundreds of elective procedures scheduled for yesterday and today, including liver transplants, have been canceled at a major regional hospital. Administrators blamed a spike in Covid admissions for a shortage of beds and capacity at the hospital’s intensive care unit, which is one of Europe’s largest.

As a result, there were no spare beds available for planned procedures or transplants in which patients would require an ICU bed following their procedure.

The hospital’s operator, the University Hospitals Birmingham Trust, has already had to reschedule some cancer surgeries.

According to this website, there are currently 1,091 employees off from work at Queen Elizabeth, with 275 of them being advised to isolate or sick with COVID-19.

“Elective surgeries were rescheduled yesterday and today at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham as a result of the amount of very sick patients requiring emergency care,” a Trust official told This website.

“An growing number of inpatients with Covid who require critical care also contributes to this.

“We are doing everything we can to minimize the impact of Covid on all services, but we must also encourage local residents to play an essential role in keeping themselves and others who are more susceptible safe by getting their Covid immunization.

On July 12, there were 110 Covid inpatients, 19 of whom were in the intensive care unit.

As of today, that number had risen to 166, with 30 ICU beds occupied by Covid patients.

This is rapidly deteriorating.

Worker in a hospital

Elective surgeries at the trust’s other hospitals, Heartlands, Good Hope, and Solihull, have been unaffected thus far.

“This is going south very quickly,” one hospital employee told the Independent.

The NHS is under growing strain as infection rates climb, fueled by the Delta variant’s supremacy.

With all restrictions scheduled to be lifted on Monday, dubbed “Freedom Day,” Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty warned today that the country was still “not out of the woods.”

According to the most recent statistics, there were 48,553 new cases and 63 new deaths yesterday, the largest increase since March 26.

“It doesn’t take many doublings before we’re back in truly quite dangerous numbers,” Mr Whitty added.

“I don’t believe we are.” Brinkwire Summary News


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