As Britain stands firm in its fishing dispute with France, the EU’s ‘pathetic threats’ are exposed.


As Britain stands firm in its fishing dispute with France, the EU’s ‘pathetic threats’ are exposed.

BRITAIN has slammed EU directives aimed at resolving the ongoing fishing dispute with France, with one reader of This website calling Brussels’ rhetoric “pathetic threats.”

An EU directive requiring the UK and France to resolve their differences over fishing rights by December 10 has sparked debate among readers.

Since the UK’s official exit from the EU at the beginning of the year, talks to resolve tensions between the two countries have been ongoing.

“Overall, we have licensed nearly 1,700 EU vessels; our licensing approach has been reasonable and fully in line with our commitments in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement,” a government spokesperson said.

Angry Britons, on the other hand, have taken offense to the EU order, calling it one of their “pathetic threats.”

“It gives me a big laugh when I see these pathetic threats from the EU,” said commenter Bigboy16.

“We should have taken our waters back from EU domination, lock stock and barrel,” Jethro51 said, implying that more should be done.

From January 2021, all foreign fishing vessels will be prohibited.”

“So little Napoleon isn’t happy, what’s he going to do throw the rest of his toys out of the pram?” Allanr joked, mocking the French in the process.

One commenter added fuel to the fire by suggesting that France must address more than just its maritime issues.

“Quidproquo…….,” Dai Agram said.

In exchange, give them 48 hours to stop the dingies and other nuisances.


UKPatriot enquired about the EU’s options in the situation.

“Or else what?” he said. “Sometimes I’m perplexed by the EU’s threat on the fishing row; they’re our waters; what is the EU going to do? Refuse to fish there?”

Following the UK’s exit from the EU, some have questioned the EU’s authority over the UK.

“The deluded EU hierarchy still believes it can dictate to the UK,” Flivoless said.

Some questioned the EU’s commitment to their stance.

“Why does the EU only use threats and ultimatums?” said Yahboot.

“Because they never have a good case to back up their arguments,” Alann responded.

As a result, they resort to threats and bullying in order to get their way.”

Tunnicliffe referred to the group as “bully boys” in a statement.

“France has repeatedly complained that the UK and Jersey were not granting as many licenses as French fishermen were applying for,” said John Longstride.

He continued,

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