As Brexit ‘non-compliance’ reaches a boiling point, France threatens to ‘restrict energy to the UK.’


As Brexit ‘non-compliance’ reaches a boiling point, France threatens to ‘restrict energy to the UK.’

FRANCE has reportedly threatened to cut off electricity supplies to the UK as the EU contemplates imposing sanctions for Britain’s “non-compliance” with the Brexit deal.

Following Britain’s refusal to provide fishing licenses to French boats, tensions are rising in the English Channel and may soon cross over to the continent. French trawlers have been fighting for access to British territorial seas, but the government has only granted licenses to 12 of the 47 applications it has received recently. French authorities have denounced the action as “unacceptable,” raising worries of a full-fledged diplomatic crisis erupting across the English Channel.

Fishing boats have already threatened to cut power to Jersey, and pundits fear that they may try to block the Channel Tunnel between France and the United Kingdom.

The Northern Ireland protocol, which specifies Northern Ireland’s position on a border with the European Union, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, is also causing friction.

As part of the agreement, it was agreed that no new inspections on goods crossing the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which is still a member of the EU, would be implemented.

Conservative MPs, on the other hand, have recently advocated for the agreement to be cancelled, claiming that the EU and the UK could reach a better accord.

The disagreement has now become the focus of Dutch media, with reports stating that Brussels may impose sanctions against the UK in revenge for the UK’s failure to honor its Brexit arrangements.

Marc Peeperkorn said in a comment article published in Volkskrant on Thursday that the European Commission may consider removing British companies from the European market and imposing import tariffs.

“The Commission understands that announcing a new ultimatum with a drum roll is unproductive,” he added.

“London will wait until the new deadline approaches before attempting to pry additional concessions from the EU, hoping for floppy knees.”

“So far, so good. Extending transition periods indefinitely, as the Member States did not desire, is presently taking place.” “If London does not come up with more,” he said at the end of his article, “France would consider reducing energy supplies to the UK.” Tony Walker, a former hedge fund manager, believes France might use energy access as a political negotiating chip against the United Kingdom.

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