As Austria goes into lockdown, the UK’s Covid rates are compared to those of other EU countries.


As Austria enters lockdown, the UK’s Covid rates are compared to those of other EU nations.

COVID infections are on the rise across Europe, with the situation in some EU countries being particularly dire, owing to low vaccination rates.

But how do they compare to the number of coronavirus cases in the United Kingdom?

The latest wave of infections has wreaked havoc on Central and Eastern European countries.

It prompted Austria to implement new strict lockdown measures in an attempt to contain the virus.

In recent weeks, the EU’s average rate of new Covid cases has quadrupled, with more than 110 daily new cases per one million people reported on October 1, compared to 446 on November 18.

But how does the United Kingdom stack up against the rest of the world?

Europe is once again at the epicenter of the Covid pandemic, with a rash of new infections sweeping the continent.

As the number of cases has increased, many countries have had to tighten Covid restrictions in order to save lives and keep hospitals from becoming overburdened.

After implementing a non-vaccinated full lockdown across the country on Monday, Austria will soon be the first European country to return to full lockdown.

The country will also be the first to make Covid vaccinations compulsory for all citizens.

The full lockdown was announced today by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who said it would begin on Monday and last a maximum of 20 days.

From February 1, 2022, according to Alexander Schallenberg, getting the Covid vaccine will be a legal requirement.

He said the tough measures were being implemented as a result of the high number of cases and Austria’s low vaccination rate, which is among the lowest in Western Europe.

“This is not easy for us,” Mr Schallenberg said, “but given the number of infections, we must take such measures.”

“It hurts me to have to put any limitations in place.”

He went on to say that the country wants to avoid a “fifth wave.”

According to the Government’s Covid dashboard, the UK’s current rate per 100,000 people is 403.1.

According to Our World in Data, the seven-day rolling average of daily new confirmed cases in the UK per one million population stands at 580.74.

In comparison to the 27 EU member states, this places the United Kingdom in 16th place.

Slovakia has the highest daily confirmed cases rate in the EU.

The total number of people in the country is 1,642.72.

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