As a terrifying new phase in China’s worldwide agenda begins, Xi sets his eyes on Taiwan.


As a terrifying new phase in China’s worldwide agenda begins, Xi sets his eyes on Taiwan.

Last week’s combative speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Chinese Communist Party marked the start of a frightening new phase, with the superpower increasingly obsessed on reclaiming control of Taiwan, according to a Tory MP.

Tobias Ellwood was speaking after Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech commemorating the CCP’s 100th anniversary, generating a stir with his forceful words. Mr Ellwood, the Bournemouth Tory MP, told this website that he, like many others, was watching developments in Beijing with increasing anxiety.

“I believe it is partly in response to the international outcry to China’s early concealment of the pandemic, as well as the condemnation of Hong Kong’s new security legislation and the indignation expressed over the persecution of the Uighurs.

“China is definitely attempting to grow to the point where no one will dare to resist it.

“As it reinterprets our international rules for its own profit, this is its direction and travel.”

“He has now entrenched his influence in Hong Kong, and the concept of a ‘one country, two systems’ has been thrown out the window.

“Now he’s set his sights on Taiwan. It may be the next ten or five years, but things are about to get a lot more uncertain.

“Now Japan has joined America in pledging to support Taiwan.”

“There’s no doubt that he’s ratcheting up the pressure on Taiwan,” Mr Ellwood said when asked if Mr Jinping’s words were a forerunner to tightening the screws on the autonomous island 100 miles off mainland China.

“His military presence is invading Taiwanese maritime space. All of this is a gradual eroding of Taiwan’s freedoms.”

“It’s so tough to forecast, we simply don’t know,” he added of the potential of China launching a full-scale invasion.

ionship with China is a crucial aspect of his foreign strategy, and he believes it is “ineffective” to try to compete with its significantly larger neighbor.

“Xi’s navy is currently the world’s largest, rising at twice the rate of ours every year.

“He wants to grow so big that no one, including the United States, would dare to resist him.

“The West must come together. The international community can only safeguard democracy by standing together, especially in democratic countries like Taiwan.”

“We will never allow anyone to intimidate, oppress, or.”Brinkwire Summary News,” Xi said this month.


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