As a result of Brexit, Merkel has been humiliated. In the green energy initiative, Britain is well ahead of Germany.


As a result of Brexit, Merkel has been humiliated. In the green energy initiative, Britain is well ahead of Germany.

ANGELA MERKEL’S country has been humiliated, according to a top energy expert who told This website that Britain is blazing ahead of Germany in green household heating thanks to Brexit.

Switching the gas network to hydrogen, according to Mike Foster, Chief Executive of the boiler industry’s trade organisation, the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), will assist the UK reach net zero. He claimed that the United Kingdom is already ahead of Germany in terms of ambition in this area, and that it is installing green household heating technology at the fastest rate. “We’ve already successfully experimented hydrogen blending, and we’re now bending in a live trial near Gateshead,” he said.

The blend offers a means to drastically reduce emissions while making no changes, allowing time to lay the basis for a seamless transition to 100 percent hydrogen in the future.”

Hydrogen blending is the process of replacing natural gas boilers that burn fossil fuels for heat with hydrogen injections into the gas system with the current natural gas.

According to the Energy Networks Association, it could save roughly six million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

“We also have hydrogen homes burning 100 percent hydrogen on boilers supplied by British companies,” Mr Foster continued, “and we have ambitions to have a hydrogen-only gas main serving homes with 100 percent hydrogen.”

“It makes sense for us to devise a system that makes advantage of the infrastructure that runs through 85 percent of people’s houses.

“I believe that the vast majority of people who are connected to the gas grid will transition to hydrogen.

“Germany has a climate similar to ours, as well as similar heat requirements, and they are beginning to use hydrogen-ready appliances.

“On the household heating front, no country is as far forward as the United Kingdom.”

The European Commission adopted a new dedicated hydrogen policy in Europe last year.

It looks at how, in line with the European Green Deal, producing and consuming “green” hydrogen might help decarbonize the EU economy in a cost-effective manner.

Germany has also committed to phase out coal by 2038, a year earlier than the UK’s ambitious 2024 deadline.

Furthermore, the UK government has now released its strategy to “kick launch a world-leading hydrogen economy.”

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng outlined the intentions, stating that it will support over 9,000 UK jobs. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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