As a new space base to be erected off the coast of the United Kingdom, Elon Musk gives Brexit Britain a significant boost.


As a new space base to be erected off the coast of the United Kingdom, Elon Musk gives Brexit Britain a significant boost.

BREXIT Britain has received a major boost courtesy to entrepreneur Elon Musk, who is eyeing the Isle of Man as a potential location for a new Starlink ground station.

The South African tech mogul is on track to provide satellite-based Internet to the entire world, and Brexit Britain will play a key role in attaining this aim. The Isle of Man has granted Elon Musk’s internet business permission to build a Starlink ground station. Ground stations are an important part of Starlink’s infrastructure since they connect internet data centers to SpaceX’s expanding constellation of satellites.

The station on the Isle of Man will be the company’s third ground station built in or near the United Kingdom.

Ground stations for Starlink have already been constructed in Cornwall and Buckinghamshire, clearing the way for complete Internet coverage across the United Kingdom.

The ground stations are made up of many satellite dishes that use existing fiber-optic infrastructure to exchange data with Starlink satellites in space.

Mr Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX just acquired a lucrative deal to land astronauts on the Moon for NASA, and Starlink is an offshoot of that company.

The Starlink infrastructure is “already being commissioned on the island,” according to the Department for Enterprise (DfE).

The Department for Education also stated that it is “great to see this project moving on to the next stage.”

However, Starlink is not the only corporation vying to use the Isle of Man as a regional headquarters.

Manx Telecom, Opti-Fi, and BlueWave Communications are among the 11 licensed operators on the island.

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependent in the Irish Sea that is not part of the United Kingdom.

“Starlink will potentially give more variety and switching possibilities for customers in the already competitive broadband market,” said Sue Strang of the Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority to the BBC.

Using its legendary Falcon 9 rocket, SpaceX has launched over 1,700 Starlink satellites into orbit.

The business plans to launch up to 42,000 of these internet-bearing satellites into low-Earth orbit to form a so-called mega constellation (LEO).

Mr Musk previously stated that the daring idea would require up to £21.5 billion ($30 billion) in funding to come to fruition.

Starlink internet is currently available in portions of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and New Zealand.

It is expected, though, as the Starlink constellation expands and additional ground stations are deployed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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