As a leading Republican mocks the ‘ordinary man’ marriage, the United States turns on Harry and Meghan.


As a leading Republican mocks the ‘ordinary man’ marriage, the United States turns on Harry and Meghan.

Following their three-day trip to New York last week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have faced backlash in America, with one prominent Republican Party figure mocking the couple.

Last weekend in New York City, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped to the stage to advocate for Covid vaccination equity. The celebrity celebration, which also included scores of other A-listers, drew criticism from prominent US conservatives. Former Arkansas governor and Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee remarked that the wealthy couple’s address “went right to my heart.”

Mr. Huckabee, who once ran for President of the United States, said Fox News: “You shut it off, and I’m sad.

“Because seeing Harry and Meghan, who have a £100 million Netflix deal, shouts common man to me.

“They went up there wearing a $7,500 gown and $30,000 in jewelry and telling them that the world is unfair.”

He quipped sarcastically: “That, I mean, spoke a lot to me. It struck a chord with me.” The Republican leader went on to say: “And, to be honest, if they think there is that much inequality.

“They have far more financial resources than you or me, or anyone on Fox News this morning.

“Let them take the lead and show us how it’s done.”

The Sussexes performed at Global Citizen Live in the United States.

Pharmaceutical companies were persuaded to renounce their intellectual property rights on coronavirus vaccinations by the couple.

“Every single person on this globe has a fundamental right to get this vaccination, but that’s not happening,” Meghan addressed the 60,000-strong throng.

“It’s simply not acceptable that so much of the vaccine supply has gone to just ten wealthy nations and not to everyone else.”

“Look at all of us here in New York City, 60,000 strong!” Harry added. “Are we willing to do whatever it takes to put an end to this pandemic?” “Guys, we have everything we need to vaccinate the entire planet.” The Sussexes have taken advantage of their celebrity status since relocating to California last year, with interviews on US television.

They met with the charity Archewell to discuss concerns such as racial justice and mental health.

During their tour to New York, the couple also paid their respects to those who perished at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan, where they visited the 9/11 memorial and paid their respects to those who died. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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