As a happy Kim Jong-un watches, North Korean troops bend iron rods with their throats.


The elite soldiers placed concrete slabs on their chest and lied on glass shards to demonstrate their strength and bravery in the military show in front of their leader Kim Jong-un

Bare-chested North Korean soldiers have been filmed flexing their strength by punching concrete, lying on glass shards and bending iron rods with their throats in front of their supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

The footage released by state media is the latest show of force in the “invincible” North Korean military.

In one scene, a soldier demonstrates his strength as his colleagues put on slabs of concrete on his bare chest and break it with a sledgehammer.

Another two trained soldiers are seen bending an iron rod by placing it on their throat.

The camera also shows delighted Kim smiling and cheering as he sits along rows of high-ranked military officers.

His sister Kim Yo-jong, who sits further back behind him, seems less impressed as she watches the stunt without expressing much emotion.

One fearless soldier lies on a pile of shattered glasses while holding a massive concrete slab on his chest.

The exhibition marked the 76th anniversary of North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party.

Kim gave a speech at the show, saying: “The US has frequently signalled it’s not hostile to our state, but there is no action-based evidence to make us believe that they are not hostile.

“The U.S. is continuing to create tensions in the region with its wrong judgments and actions.”

North Korea is banned from testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons by the UN, but has repeatedly flouted these bans and has been heavily sanctioned as a result.

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The reclusive country recently tested a long-range cruise missile.

The terrifying train-launched weapon accurately struck a sea target 800km away, Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency reported.

The North Korean leader was seen wearing a dark suit and a pale blue tie, prompting renewed speculation outside North Korea that this could be related to his health.


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