As a brutal’storm pattern’ rages towards the UK, Britons are bracing for snow.


BRITONS are set for a stormy end to the month with forecasters warning of the possibility of snow in some parts of the country.

According to forecasters, a “storm pattern” is expected to hit during the second half of October. Such is the large weather front expected to hit the country, forecasters from Accuweather predict the stormy conditions may last into November. Tyler Roys, senior meteorologist for the Accuweather, told¬†This website: “AccuWeather Meteorologists do expect a stormier pattern to return to the United Kingdom during the second half of October.

“There is a good possibility for this to continue into early November.

“During this pattern it will be dependent on the track of the storm if there will be any snow occurring.

“If any snow does occur, it will most likely occur in the highest elevations of the Scottish Highlands.

“At this point our confidence level of snow occurring in the Scottish Highlands through over the next two weeks is very low.


“As we end October and start November, our confidence for snow occurring in the Scottish Highlands is slightly higher.”

Due to the stormy front, graphs from WXCharts predict temperatures will fall to freezing in some areas towards the end of the month.

On October 24, the mercury is expected to drop to 0C (32F) north of the Border while some parts of Scotland may see the mercury drop to -1C (30F).

Across England, the mercury will remain at 4C (39F) although parts of northern England will see temperatures of -2C (28F).

On October 25, Scotland could see the mercury drop to -2C in parts of the country.

For multiple areas in England, the forecaster expects the mercury to fall to 1C (33F) due to the cold snap.

These ice-cold temperatures will remain on October 26 with England failing to freezing on October 26.

Only parts of northern Scotland and the east coast of England will see the temperatures be at their highest at 5C (41F).


Such is the drop in temperatures across the country, anomaly charts predict the mercury falling by 4C of what is expected for the time of year.

This week, forecasters are predicting a fall in the mercury following a brief spell of warm temperatures.

BBC weather meteorologist Carol Kirkwood predicted a cold snap to start this week before more unsettled conditions arrive.

She said: “It is a chilly start to. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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