‘Arrogant’ Macron’s “desire not to be a one-term president” is a “problem for the UK relationship.”


‘Arrogant’ Macron’s “desire not to be a one-term president” is a “problem for the UK relationship.”

According to a critic, EMMANUEL MACRON is “desperate” to avoid the legacies of Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande as unpopular, low-rated, and rapidly forgotten “one-term” Presidents.

Allister Heath, writing in The Telegraph, accuses the President of being “arrogant,” despite the fact that he plays a key role in the relationship between Britain and France. Following the introduction of the ‘Kent’ strain of the COVID-19 virus, Mr Macron’s decision to impose a complete blockade on vehicles entering the UK in December 2020 nearly brought the UK to a halt, with shops empty, food lines, medications in short supply, and a complete logistical congestion.

According to the Sunday Telegraph editor, several ministers looking back on the episode characterized it as the most stressful time of their political careers, with Britain quickly realizing that the Calais to Dover route was Britain’s Achilles heel when it comes to ties with Europe.

Mr Heath claims that the French were “hard line advocates” when it came to the Northern Ireland protocol, which has also hampered goods movement.

With the Northern Ireland protocol set to be revised, including fewer checks on certain goods, improved paperwork and bureaucracy, and more freedom of movement of medicines, the plan may be set to smooth out the rough edges of the agreement, which Unionists claim separates them from the United Kingdom.

“One minister even claims that France was motivated entirely by anti-British and anti-Brexit feeling, and that it doesn’t care about the ‘integrity of the single market’ or the fate of the people of Ireland,” Heath says.

“I feel that Brexit was both practically and morally correct, and that the French have no right to protest,” Mr Heath concluded.

Many in Paris disagree: “They believe the United Kingdom squandered a historic opportunity to unite Europe (and contain Germany) and, as a result, it deserves to be considered as a foe.”

The Aukus transaction has also angered the French, as it has destroyed their comfortable vision of their post-imperial purpose.

Macron, an egotistical, uninspiring president anxious to avoid becoming a one-termer like Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande, is the main stumbling block to renewing post-EU relations.

With an election approaching, he wants to bolster his nationalistic credentials in a country that is culturally trending to the right.

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