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Arnott’s launches two new biscuit flavours across Australian stores

Arnott’s has released two new biscuit flavours across Australian stores as part of the dessert-inspired range. 

The latest editions to the collection include a shortbread cream tiramisu and Monte Carlo black forest biscuit.

The black forest flavoured Monte Carlo combines two classic indulgences in one, with two decadent chocolate-flavoured biscuits surrounding vanilla cream with a sweet raspberry coating.

The reimagined shortbread cream biscuit encompasses flavours from tiramisu with a cocoa and roast coffee cream filling between two delicious chocolate shortbread biscuits.

Arnott’s marketing manager Claire Brycki said: ‘Consumers have loved our first three flavours – Iced VoVo Lamington, shortbread cream mud cake and scotch finger Salted Caramel Tart – so much that we decided to release two new additions to our dessert inspired biscuit range.

‘Monte Carlo and shortbread cream biscuits have been enjoyed by generations, and by pairing them with two more of Australia’s favourite desserts, we’ve given them a new identity to be enjoyed by all the family.

‘Arnott’s is known for exploring new and delicious biscuit creations but it doesn’t get any better than having two of your favourite flavour indulgences come together for our nation of dessert lovers!’ she said.

Both products cost $3 each and will hit store shelves down the biscuit aisle in Woolworths and independent grocers from August 10, and Coles from August 24.

The original Monte Carlo and shortbread cream will remain available in Arnott’s biscuit range and will not be replaced by the new flavours.

Other flavours part of the dessert-inspired range include Iced VoVo Lamington, shortbread cream mud cake and scotch finger salted caramel tart.

The Lamington flavoured Iced Vovo consists of a delicious biscuit base, topped with chocolate fondant and raspberry jam – all sprinkled with desiccated coconut.

The fusion of the scotch finger and the decadent salted caramel tart have a ‘buttery taste’ of the classic biscuit, with crunchy caramel chunks and a salty bite.

The chocolate infused shortbread biscuits are filled with an ‘elegant’ piping of smooth cream, combined to make one delicious creation.

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